Green Interval

Green Tech - Australia

Green Interval is a green tech company based in Australia. Their mission is to guide businesses onto the path of sustainability in an accessible manner. Their platform offers organizations a roadmap to establish eco-friendly practices that are easy to use and follow through a step-by-step process.

In this greenfield project, ScaleMote built the MVP from scratch, allowing Michael to launch faster than anticipated. The technical solution includes a React+Next.JS + TypeScript Single Page Application, as well a Nest.JS + TypeScript backend, hosted in AWS and leveraging industry best practices for Authentication & Authorization with AWS Cognito.

Through collaboration with ScaleMote, Green Interval's vision has come to life. In less than 6 months, ScaleMote transformed the idea into a reality. Green Interval now proudly presents a fully functional platform undergoing beta testing, getting closer to its public launch.

Green Interval's overview

Client testimonial

Michael, founder of Green Interval

"Their support in setting up my SaaS business model for scalability has been instrumental, and now we are fully prepared for our upcoming launch. I firmly believe that our startup's journey wouldn't have been as successful without ScaleMote as our trusted partner."

Michael O'Sullivan - Founder & CEO - Green Interval.