Zenn Software

Design Tech - Australia

Zenn is a design tech company based in Australia. Its mission is to make branding easy. Through its online branding tool platform, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI), Zenn assists entrepreneurs and founders worldwide in creating all their branding and marketing assets in an easy and intuitive manner.

ScaleMote intervened to streamline Zenn's setup, negotiating with a previous development agency to regain control of their codebases. After conducting an infrastructure audit, we transitioned to a more cost-effective model, resulting in significant annual savings. Additionally, ScaleMote performed a migration from a Java application to TypeScript, incorporating industry best practices such as test automation and quality gates.

ScaleMote also played a pivotal role in creating new features, including a logo editor, designer panel, asset creation, and more. Now Zenn is on the path to attaining a fully functional MVP while making preparations for a public launch.

Client testimonial

Steve Zenn, founder of Zenn Software

“An excellent team, great dev work and very professional. Helped me set up my SaaS business model to scale and we are now ready for launch. The PM is very responsive, and the senior members of the team are always active in helping with more complex problems. Great value for the fees paid. Highly recommended!”

Steve Zenn - CEO & Founder - Zenn Software.