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KometPay, a US-based Fintech firm specializing in cutting-edge blockchain payment solutions, aims to simplify cross-border money transfers between the USA and Latin America through a user-friendly platform.

ScaleMote built the entire MVP from scratch – including the mobile app, user interface, and admin panel – and seamlessly integrated the API with the Stellar Blockchain.

In less than two months, ScaleMote developed the first working prototype. Within six months, KometPay successfully implemented its full payment platform, completing the first blockchain-based money transfer. Now, armed with a fully working MVP, KometPay is ready to launch the MVP to the public.

Kometpay's overview

Client testimonial

Paolo, founder of KometPay

"Exactly what an early-stage startup needs: competent talents, tech expert's oversight and the most competitive pricing I have seen! Our progression would not have been the same without ScaleMote as a partner."

Paolo Astone - Co-Founder & CEO - KometPay.

Founder’s message: The journey of KometPay